Couger Develops Virtual Human Agent with Visual and Auditory Skill and Provide Technology to KDDI’s “Virtual Character X xR” project.

Couger Inc. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter “Our Company”) develops virtual human agent as part of the development of “Connectome” technology that combines AI, IoT, AR/VR and blockchain to create smart space. In addition, we will let you know on technical support we provide for KDDI Corporation (Location: KDDI, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) project “Virtual Character X xR”.


  • Next-generation interface that realizes smart space

The Virtual Human Agent is a virtual character that owns 5 senses such as visual and auditory senses, emotions and intelligence. Through image recognition and speech recognition through machine learning, grasp on real-world images and situation in real time, react and talk with their own AI character and operate home electronics. Able to think like human beings and able to communicate.

To this date, our company have provided AI and robots with learning simulator “Street” that enable to learn about the human behaviour in different situations for universities and companies such as Honda R&D Laboratories. Within the simulator, 3D virtual characters make decisions according to the situation and behave like human beings. Virtual Human Agent is a virtual human agent that extends the input processing of the character’s video and sound, and evolved into a form that understands the situation in real time.

As the IoT devices and automated vehicles has become popular, our company thinks not only the house, moving space like cars also can make smart space. Al, IoT, AR/VR, blockchain is linked, realizing a new “smart space” interface for virtual human agent.


  • Providing support to KDDI’s project “Virtual Character X xR”

We have provided related technologies of Virtual HUman Agent to KDDI’s project “virtual character X xR”. In the project, virtual character have vision, hearing, emotions, and can communicate like human beings.

<<KDDI “Virtual Character X xR” Project Outline>>
To create a new business model resulting from spreading of 5G, we implemented a business trial utilizing virtual characters and xR technology etc. In addition to the development of the AR application “Miku ☆ Sampo”, we have independently developed AI in which the virtual characters react by recognizing and understanding real world situations such as surrounding objects and sound, realizing communication with more natural characters.


[About Connectome]
Developing our own technology “Connectome” to create smart space and combines AI, IoT, AR/VR, and blockchain.

[About Miku ☆ Sampo]
When launching the application, a 3D model life-sized “Hatsune Miku” will be appeared. You can see from every angle, walk together, take photos of all the images. This is an application that uses AR technology.

[About Street]
An AI learning simulator that can make AI (Artificial Intelligence) to learn every situation by making 3D model of human, object, environment, and etc. and able to simulate its state and behavior in virtual space. This technology is introduced in Honda R&D.