Couger Inc. CEO Ishii presented in World Top Conference TOA held in Germany

What is TOA?

TOA is a technology festival held mainly in Europe. This time, TOA is held in Berlin, Germany. A wide range of companies such as Google, IBM and others tech companies with history, cutting edge space technology company, NASA, and Snap Inc. that is famous for snapchat, and Bancor which succeeded in raising huge funds in ICO are gather together.

It’s a huge event of more than 20,000 participants.


CEO Ishii presented in innovation stage

CEO Ishii from Couger presented about the concept of on the theme [VIRTUAL HUMAN AGENT BORN FROM “CONNECTOME”] . He is the only Japanese that presented in TOA this time.


Blockchain is attracting more attention in worldwide

Compared with usual years, many blockchain companies are planning to appear at the TOA innovation stage.