Internal hackathon with the Berlin-based company Ocean Protocol

Using the SDK, which was developed as a part of the Connectome marketplace, we held an internal hackathon with Ocean Protocol. It was a great opportunity to get input from Ocean Protocol’s engineering team. At the hackathon, we discussed about real and virtual world integration, how important the virtual human agent (Rachel) is and how it could all work with Ocean Protocol’s marketplace for blockchain data. First of all, Connectome’s team and Ocean Protocol’s team chose a common goal: a curated market with the “best service for customers”.

Then, Connectome’s team aimed to improve Rachel’s functionality, and Ocean Protocol became responsible for the creation of a smart contract for Rachel. For Rachel, developed as an open source project, the hackathon was her first official presentation in front of a foreign team and she showed off functions like body and pose detection, voice recognition, multiple language support etc.

Although two days is a quite short time, we learned a lot and are now able to improve Rachel. From now on, Connectomes and Ocean Protocol’s teams will collaborate on accelerating the development of different projects, such as virtual human agent, TCR for metadata and others.



Connectome Pte Ltd(Head office: Singapore, : Yasunori Motani, Executive Director at Connectome Pte. Ltd.)is promoting the virtual human agent development project “Connectome”. Technology development on the project is handled by Couger Co., Ltd.(Head office: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku : Ishii Atsushi, CEO at Couger Inc.) collaborating with Ocean Protocol.