Ishiguro from Couger Inc. was appointed as a representative of the EEA’s – the world biggest blockchain enterprise – Japanese branch.


EEA (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) is an organization where corporations, startups, and academic persons work together on social implementations of blockchain technology. There are many famous company-members including the likes of Microsoft, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, JP Morgan, and many others, including Couger.

Couger’s lead blockchain engineer, Ishiguro, has been appointed as the EEA representative of the organisations Japanese branch.

“Initially, “enterprise blockchain” was an unfamiliar term, but the more I investigated, the more interesting it became. I started to have a strong feeling that we can create a global standard that has Japanese enterprise characteristics, and now is the best time for this to become a reality. Amid the popularity of public blockchains, I’m very excited about the opportunities and challenges associated with implementating blockchain solutions in different enterprise domains. Please, keep supporting us!,” Ishiguro said.

Couger Inc. will use the opportunity to further pursue social implementation of blockchain technology in Japan.


Connectome Pte Ltd(Head office: Singapore, : Yasunori Motani, Executive Director at Connectome Pte. Ltd.)is promoting the virtual human agent development project “Connectome”. Technology development on the project is handled by Couger Inc.(Head office: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku : Ishii Atsushi, CEO at Couger Inc.)