In less than half a year after joining our company, he got involved with the World Bank, prestigious universities and international companies, and conducted a blockchain workshop in Rwanda, Africa

We conducted the first ever blockchain event in Rwanda – a rapidly growing and fast-emerging market in Africa, also called the Singapore of Africa.

It was joint workshop with the top university in Rwanda “Rwanda University”, which is called the Harvard of Africa.

Six major blockchain companies in the US, Germany, and Japan participated in the workshop, including “ConsenSys”, “Stellar”, and “Ocean Protocol”.

Supported by “World Bank”

Rwandan officials also participated

Five days intensive workshop that included the ideason

Cougar’s lead project manager Mr. Hirate proposed to go to Rawanda in start of May 2018.

He believed that it will be absolutely interesting to build a community there that conducts blockchain events and business collaboration in Rwanda.

While searching through internet and books he realized that Rwanda in Africa was so much modernized.

He definitely wanted to do something related to Blockchain in Rwanda.



He successfully conducted this wonderful event in about three months!

So what is your image of a project manager?

If he/she is a person who only “controls” the progress, then in case like this (where it will takes efforts to involve the government and universities of that country, as well as companies in the United States and Germany) it will be impossible for him/her to work.

Mr. Hirate’s strength is that he has both “understanding” and “power to work”.

  • Understanding

Understanding the technology and problems that exist in society and how to solve it with the power of technology

  • Power to work

Sending more and more messages on Facebook and LinkedIn to people he wanted to collaborate with.

Meet them in person.

Clarify the purpose of meeting (clearly communicate the benefits of doing the project together)



So, from August 13th to 17th, 2018, we held a five-day intensive workshop entitled “Blockchain EXE x Rwanda University”.

There were lectures from six prominent blockchain companies from around the world such as ConsenSys and Stellar from the US, Ocean Protocol and Weeve in Germany.

Over 40 participants took this workshop and thoroughly learned about the blockchain mechanism and application, over 5 days, besides also doing an Ideason.


Connectome Pte Ltd(Head office: Singapore, : Yasunori Motani, Executive Director at Connectome Pte. Ltd.)is promoting the virtual human agent development project “Connectome”. Technology development on the project is handled by Couger Inc.(Head office: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku : Ishii Atsushi, CEO at Couger Inc.)  developing the VHA.