Invited as lecturer at Stanford University! Presenting the Couger developed Virtual Human Agent

On October 11th, 2018, Ishii and Ishiguro of Couger Inc. were invited by professor Richard of the US-Asia Technology Management Center at Stanford University to give a presentation on the Connectome project and its’ current progress so far.

Presentation at Stanford① | Couger CEO Atsushi Ishii

CEO Ishii of Couger gave a brief introduction on Couger’s current developing project on the new interface “Connectome”, which combines AI x AR x Blockchain to connect with various aspects of society, and on how the Virtual Human Agent’s application to a variety of practical implementation could lead to an even broader range of use in the future.

The Virtual Human Agent is capable of taking the records of previous images, footages, audio etc, and how these data were processed, and determine a suitable response or provide suggestions to allow for a smoother, more comfortable way of mobility and living. At the lecture, a demo video of the new in-vehicle interactive application using the Virtual Human Agent was presented, and received great responses and feedbacks.

Presentation at Stanford② Couger Chief Blockchain Architect Kazuaki Ishiguro

Chief Blockchain Architect Ishiguro gave a lecture on the technical aspect of Connectome and of Virtual Human Agent.

Introducing the GeneFlow Project, he stressed on the increasing importance of creating a process to allow for keeping records database of AI learning history by using the blockchain technology to the students, and elaborated on the topic.

Active and responsive discussion with the students of Stanford

At the end of the lecture, a discussion was held with the students of Stanford University, and we received immensely useful feedback on the development directions and possible applications to consider from now on.

Couger is actively seeking partners not only within Japan, but corporates and academia from overseas to co-op, co-create prospective opportunities in the future.

Connectome Pte Ltd(Head office: Singapore, : Yasunori Motani, Executive Director at Connectome Pte. Ltd.)is promoting the virtual human agent development project “Connectome”. Technology development on the project is handled by Couger Inc.(Head office: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku : Ishii Atsushi, CEO at Couger Inc.)  provie a lecture in Stanford.