[Press Release] Connectome Marks Its International Foray Into The Blockchain Scene With Blockshow Asia 2018


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Japanese Startup Connectome Marks Its International Foray Into The Blockchain Scene With Blockshow Asia 2018 As The First Step

19 November 2018, Singapore – The Japanese Startup Connectome (pronounced as “connect-tome”) has announced its participation in Blockshow 2018. This marks the first time ever in the world that a Japanese technology company specialising in Virtual Human Agents (VHAs) is represented at a distinguished regional blockchain conference.

Connectome has come up with the world’s first human virtual agent on blockchain, a concept which intends to democratize AI agent building and commercial distribution. They foresee a rapidly growing trend to replace user interfaces with human-like AI agents, a breakthrough in technology which will naturalise communication between AI and human beings.

Yasunori Motani, Executive Director and Co-founder of Connectome, said:

“We are going international with a bang, starting with Blockshow 2018 in Singapore. Expanding overseas is the natural next step to fulfilling our greater vision for Connectome. We see a huge potential in VHA and blockchain technology will help ensure greater transparency, trust and reliability to our AI.

We are excited to be participating in Blockshow 2018 to showcase our next generation interface on AI on blockchain. We envision a future where individuals and companies can customise VHAs for their unique purposes respectively. We strongly believe that the platform Connectome is working on will give rise to diverse VHAs and become a marketplace of VHAs powered by blockchain.”

Connectome is working closely with Couger, a Japanese technology firm with 12 years expertise in various AI, gaming and blockchain-related projects. Couger’s portfolio includes big clientele such as car manufacturer Honda and Japanese telco KDDI.

Connectome’s blockchain platform will facilitate thousands of developers and entrepreneurs
to exchange and trade human-like AI agents they develop, and the data needed to train
them. In addition, Connectome will be developing its own unique marketplace platform, where people and companies will have a method of securing ownership and other rights on human-like AI agents.

Connectome sees itself as a “Category Creator”, and believes in its potential to naturalise and leverage on powerful interactions between humans and machines.

For more information about Connectome, please visit the official website.

Connectome’s team will be available to answer any questions at booth S3 in Blockshow2018. For interview requests, please contact Wan Wei at wanwei@connectome.to .

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About Connectome

Connectome’s vision is to develop the world’s first Virtual Human Agent (VHA) on blockchain. This next generation human-like interface combines AI, IoT, AR/VR and robotics to enable natural human-technology interaction in real-time.

Connectome is also creating an open-source platform for VHAs where developers can collectively explore possibilities and practical business applications. Recently, Connectome was invited to present at EDCON2018 as one of its selected top 10 projects. Core team members were also invited to lecture at Stanford University and TsingHwa University about its VHA technology.

For more information on Connectome, visit: www.connectome.to