The designated Fintech read of Japan -『Nikkei Fintech』published article on the Couger developed “Connectome”!

The 2018 November issue of the “Nikkei FinTech” magazine published by Nikkei Business Publications Inc. (NikkeiBP) ran an article introducing the Couger Inc. developed, AI・AR・Blockchain integrated technology –  “Connectome”.

The article introduces how the Connectome technology enabled the creation of the “Virtual Human Agent”, which is capable of items and sound recognition, memory, emotion, and reacting to them in real time, just as humans do.

From now on, Couger Inc. will continue to strive for the advancement of the Blockchain and AI・AR integrated technology that allows for smart-space capabilities – “Connectome”.

Connectome Pte Ltd(Head office: Singapore, : Yasunori Motani, Executive Director at Connectome Pte. Ltd.)is promoting the virtual human agent development project “Connectome”. Technology development on the project is handled by Couger Inc.(Head office: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku : Ishii Atsushi, CEO at Couger Inc.)  has been introdiced by Nikkei.