“More than 250 applicants!” Blockchain EXE’s first foray into Europe | CEO at Cougar Inc. Atsushi Ishii will be on the stage in Madrid, Spain

Expanding abroad to engage technology communities on developments in areas like AI and blockchain. In 2018, Blockchain EXE grew out of Japan into Asia (China, Singapore, Hong Kong), USA and Rwanda. In 2019, Blockchain EXE also went to Europe – including in Madrid, Spain. The fourth industrial revolution is a hot topic not only in Germany but in the whole of Europe.This time Blockchain EXE under the theme “Industry 4.0: How Blockchain and AI shape our future?” was held on the Google campus in Madrid.

There were more than 250 applicants! Desprite Blockchain EXE @Madrid was the first EXE event help in Europe, it attracted more than 250 people in about a month from many big companies as well as one of Spain’s largest blockchain community “Blockchain España”, based in Madrid, Spain, a major telecommunications carrier “Telefonica” which alo does business in South America, England, Germany, USA, and furthermore cooperation with the “IE Business School”, which is a top-ranking MBA university in the world rankings.

Couger is already engaged in community and technology collaboration with the German blockchain AI company “Ocean Protocol”. Using this event as a springboard, we’re hoping to expand collaboration with more European companies.

Event release plan

▼Industry 4.0: How Blockchain and AI shape our future?

▼Time:March 5, 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

▼Place:Google for Startups Campus

▼More information:https://blockchainexe_madrid.eventbrite.com