Initial Exchange Offering(IEO) of Connectome | Realize human-like AI assistant, “Virtual Human Agent“

Connectome to start Initial Exchange Offering(IEO)

Connectome is a technology platform to realize human-like AI assistant, “Virtual Human Agent” (VHA). By harnessing the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Game AI (human-like intelligent NPC technology), blockchain and human sciences, VHAs can, amongst other things, be personal AI assistants, the cornerstone of productive organizations and companies, assist in healthcare, and be the future of human-technology interaction.

ABCC Hive IEO #3- Connectome

Rise of the new interface

The world has transitioned from personal computers to smartphones, and today we see new devices like smart speakers emerging. AI speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home will come to be used with more frequency in homes, automobiles, and shops and function as optimized agents for their human users.

For this to happen, AI must further evolve and information inputs be further refined to pinpoint user conditions and preferences. To that end, users must be able to trust AI and feel comfortable providing it with more data. An infrastructure in which the user population can further trust AI is needed. For this to happen, interfaces must become even more humane and human-like. We refer to these interfaces as VHA.

What can Virtual Human Agent do ?

Our SDK(Software Development Kit) will be released to provide the development environment of “VHA Interface” and “VHA Brain”. By using this SDK, interface creators and AI developers can easily develop components of VHA

VHA Interface

  • Human Model
  • Facial Expressions
  • Action(Motion, Gesture)

VHA Brain

  • Situation Recognition AI : Visual , Auditory
  • Human-like decision making AI : Edit Personality, Edit Role Skill

IoT Input/Output

  • Connect Input Devices (ex. Camera, Sensor etc.)
  • Connect Output Devices (ex. Lights, Doors, Call APIs etc.)

Connectome Business Model

We are employing blockchain to provide an integrated solution to improve data ownership, incentive mechanism, and fairness and transparency of data issues. This solution will create an environment that will foster the development of the next-generation interface for the 5G/AR era.

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